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October 30, 2014

Looking for something new to do with your friends and coworkers to celebrate the holidays? How about a Ladies Night In or a Private Yoga Class at Willow Tree Wellness & Counseling, LLC?! Relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company in a healthy, serene environment while receiving treatments from our highly trained professionals.


Ladies Night In: $15 per person

Enjoy a Satin Hands treatment and a luxurious facial while experiencing lasting benefits by learning how to maintain a healthy skin care routine.  We will provide you with a customized make-up makeover, including foundation matching.  Learn new makeup application techniques while sampling products to find the perfect fit for you.  (Products are available for purchase if interested.) Price includes chair massages for each attendant! 


Private Yoga Class:   $100 
Rejuvenate, unwind, and strengthen your body in a comfortable environment with all of your friends!  You’ll receive individualized attention from our expert yoga instructor and class will be curtailed to meet your skill level. 


Choose either event and bring your own snacks and beverages to enjoy in our office kitchen! 

Relax and unwind in a holiday celebration of wellness! Call our office today to schedule your get together! (570) 317-2999


October 24, 2014

As you begin to make your Thanksgiving Day plans, allow a little time first thing in the morning to come practice yoga with us! This will be a special class, steeped in gratitude, with a special focus on poses to aid digestion and metabolism. We will finish with a special gratitude meditation to fill your hearts as you head out into the day with family and friends.


There is no charge for this class. Instead, please bring a non-perishable food donation that we will be giving to the Bloomsburg Food Cupboard.


Thanksgiving Day Yoga Class

Thursday, November 27th



October 20, 2014


It is at the core of our business to wonder how you’re doing! We want you to feel your best and maintain that level of wellness. Call our office today and find out how we can assist you on your path of health and wellness.  (570) 317-2999


October 20, 2014

Posted by Jennifer Triassi, Yoga Instructor and Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor


Each week I showcase an essential oil, and explain how it can be used! And this week, I’ve chosen another one of my favorites: Purification!


When you invest in the Premium Starter Kit, you’ll get to try it out as it’s one of the “Everyday Oils” included in the kit! Seriously, this versatile oil is one that you will use EVERY SINGLE DAY! In fact, when I purchased my first kit, it was the oil that I ran out of first——that’s how much I used it!

Purification is an essential oil blend made up of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, lavandin and myrtle. When I diffuse it, I always pick up on the lemongrass first, and I love how fresh and clean it smells! I diffuse it regularly all over my house, but especially in the “fur baby quarters!”

Besides diffusing, purification can be used topically. Dilution is generally not necessary for adults. (FYI, dilution of essential oils is typically recommended for children.)

Here are some ways to use it:

  • Disinfect/freshen the air. Diffuse for 15-20 minutes to clean the air and neutralize odors. Great for pet areas and “wet dog smell.” Add 2 drops to cotton balls and place in air vents of home, car, hotel room or office.

  • Make a homemade bug repellent. Combine 1 cup water, pinch of epsom salts, 8 drops of Purification, and 8 drops of Peppermint in a spray bottle.

  • Apply to bug bites to stop itching.

  • Neutralize shoe odor. Add 2 drops of a cotton ball placed inside shoes.

  • Acne spot treatment. Apply neat (undiluted) to treat acne and promote healing.

  • Sterilize cuts and wounds. Apply directly to cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.

  • Freshen laundry. Add a few drops to washing machine laundry detergent to get rid of sour smell.

  • Deter bugs and spiders. Add a few drops to base of exterior doors to create a barrier.

  • Neutralize diaper pail odors. Add 2 drops to a cotton ball placed in bottom of pail.

I really do use this oil everyday! And I’m slightly bothered whenever I run out….

So I have a standing order for it on Essential Rewards, Young Living’s auto-ship rewards program. It offers easy monthly shipping, rewards points that can be redeemed for free products, and discount shipping rates…really a no-brainer for oilers like myself. Interested? Contact me for details!

Also, if you have any other questions, or are interested in purchasing Purification or any other essential oils or the amazing Premium Starter Kit, please contact me!



Last Friday evening, I hosted “The Essential Ladies’ Night Out,” at Willow Tree! It’s was a magical evening, including a 45-minute mellow flow class, followed by a 45-minute discussion regarding how to use Young Living Essential Oils in DIY beauty and hygiene products! I even shared some of my yummy homemade Peppermint Bark. (We’ll be sharing the recipe in December, so stay tuned….)

Did you miss it? SAVE the DATE for our next yoga and EO workshop, set for Friday, December 19th!



October 18, 2014

An attitude of gratitude changes how you think and feel about yourself and the world around you. This workshop truly connects the mind and body, using the lens of gratitude and the practice of yoga to look deeply at your life and get rooted in the present moment. Combining yoga, journaling, and discussion; instructor Sara Bowman will guide you deeper into your heart to discover how you can start living more fully with gratitude. All levels welcome. Bring a journal and a heart that is ready to open bigger.


Saturday, November 15th



October 16, 2014


Posted by Jennifer Triassi, Yoga Instructor and Young Living Independent Distributor

Life is crazy, and I’m always looking for ways to add a moment (or two) of serenity amid the chaos of everyday life. One way I do this is by diffusing Young Living essential oils, either single oils or blends of 2-3 oils. If you’re not familiar with diffusing essential oils, let’s get you up to speed!


Basically, Young Living’s Home Diffuser (pictured above) combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere. No more fragrance-laced candles, or open flames….2 HUGE benefits with little ones around! Seriously, you’ll never buy another candle again. A diffuser is all you need!

And it’s really easy to use! Just remove the top, fill with water, add a few drops of essential oils, cover, plug in and turn on! Almost as easy as lighting a match, and safer too!

There are many benefits of diffusing oils, and one of my favorite things is that it just makes your space smell good! It is common for friends and family to walk into my house, and say, “It smells like a spa in here.” Which is a good thing. Versus “It smells like a dirty diaper. Or a wet dog.” Truth by told: two likely scenarios if I wasn’t diffusing EOs.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “The song remembers when.” It’s that moment when you hear a song and it immediately transports you back to another time. Well, in the case of diffusing Eucalyptus Blue in my bathroom, each time I walk in, I am taken back to my time working at Canyon Ranch Health Resort. Each day before going to work as a restaurant manager, I would spend a couple hours pre-shift, exercising in their world-class facilities or practicing Power Yoga in their gorgeous studio, followed up by ample time in the hot tub, cold plunge and eucalyptus steam room. It was a glorious time of quiet, stillness, just being……something that just doesn’t happen as often since becoming a mom. Just writing this “takes me away” to that time, but since that’s not my reality these days, diffusing eucalyptus is the next best thing!

Diffusing (and inhaling) essential oils offers very real physiological and psychological effects.

Seriously. Science backs it up!

Aromatic molecules in essential oils influence the emotional center of the brain. When essential oils are diffused and inhaled, the odor molecules travel up the nose and stimulate electrical impulses to the olfactory bulb in the brain. Since the limbic system is connected to parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, hormone balance, inhaling essential oils can be very powerful! Additionally, the limbic lobe is the emotional control center, and anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and joy originate here.

Bottom line: diffusing essential oils is good stuff, for many reasons!

And it doesn’t have to be eucalyptus…..although that’s a really good scent (and decongestant, as we move into cold and flu season).

Other great combinations include:

Allergy Relief: 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Lemon, 2 drops Peppermint

Immune Booster: 3 drops Thieves, 2 drops Purification

Sweet Dreams: 3 drops Peace & Calming, 3 drops Lavender

Rise & Shine: 4 drops Lemon, 2 drops Peppermint

Blues Buster: 4 drops Valor, 2 drops Frankincense

If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing essential oils or the amazing Premium Starter Kit (which includes the Home Diffuser), please contact me!

Also, this Friday, October 17th, I’m leading “The Essential Ladies’ Night Out,” at Willow Tree! It’s a 45-minute mellow flow class, followed by a 45-minute discussion/demonstration of how to use essential oils for self-care, including beauty tips, DIY hygiene products, and home remedies for common ailments, using 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils! I can’t wait to share the oily love with you all!

Happy Oiling!


October 15, 2014

Sit & collect wisdom with us each Wednesday evening from 7-8pm at Breath & Meditation with instructor Sara Bowman.


October 12, 2014


Hello Willow Tree Yogis!

Here’s a short hip-opening practice! Namaste!



October 12, 2014


Posted by Jennifer Triassi, Yoga Teacher and Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


Welcome back to “Oil of the Week,” in which I introduce an essential oil and explain its uses and benefits! This week I’ll be discussing one of my absolute seasonal favorites: Thieves.


That’s right. The name is Thieves, as in Grave Robbers. Originally spice traders and merchants, these thieves imported spices, including cinnamon and clove, from India. But when the Black Plague struck, and international trade was suspended, the spice traders quickly ran out of money. So they turned to looting the homes and bodies of Plague victims. They knew that if they wore various oils and spices while they “worked”, they wouldn’t catch the highly-contagious disease! When four of the thieves were captured and brought before the King, they were forced to finally reveal their secret formula of lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon and clove!

Thieves is highly antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-infectious, and beyond the many, many ways it can be used, it just smells SO good! The cinnamon and clove are what I mainly pick up, which are perfect scents as we move into fall and the holiday seasons! Whenever I diffuse Thieves, it’s not uncommon for someone to walk into my house and ask what I’m baking.

How to use Thieves:


Apply Topically. In a few instances, Thieves can be applied neat. However, thieves is what is called a “hot” oil, meaning it can create a burning sensation when applied directly to the skin. Therefore, it is typically recommended that it is diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or evoo.  Dilution is always recommended for children.

Common Uses:

  • Disinfect the air. Diffuse for 15-20 minutes to eliminate airborne bacteria. Ideal when kids or family members are sick or getting sick.

  • Support the immune system. Add a few drops of Thieves with a carrier oil and rub on feet (great for kids).

  • Disinfect surfaces for a natural clean. Just add a 5-10 drops of Thieves to a small spray bottle and fill with water. Great for baby gear, including toys, minus the harsh chemicals.

  • Make a homemade foaming hand soap.

  • Make a DIY hand sanitizer. Combine 2 Tbsp aloe vera gel, 1 Tbsp water, 1/2 tsp Vit E oil and 5 drops of Thieves in a 2 oz squeeze bottle to be carried in purse.

  • Use as an air freshener. Diffuse or add a 3-4 drops of Thieves to a small spray bottle and fill with water. Spray rooms, closets, shoe bins, lockers, and other areas with odor problems.

  • Get rid of cold sores. Apply neat (undiluted) to a relieve the pain and promote healing.

  • Make your own toothpaste. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of water to make a paste. Add 1-2 drops of Thieves to the paste and brush teeth as usual.

  • Make your own cough syrup. Mix 1-2 drops of Thieves with a teaspoon of raw honey.

  • Soothe a sore throat. Add a few drops of Thieves to a small cup of filtered water and gargle for a few minutes. Make an all-natural throat spray by adding a few drops of Thieves and filtered water to a small spray bottle.

  • Clean on the go. Add a few drops of Thieves to a mini spray bottle and fill with water. Keep the spray bottle in your purse or luggage. Disinfect hotel beds, restaurant tables and chairs, high chairs, and much more.

  • Disinfect the dishwasher. Add a few drops of Thieves to the detergent container in your dishwasher and run a normal cycle (with or without dishes).

  • Sanitize a toothbrush. Add a drop of Thieves to the toothbrush head to sanitize it.

  • Clean floors. Add a few drops of Thieves to a sink half full of water and use to disinfect and clean wood and tile floors.

  • Steam clean carpets. Add a few drops of Thieves to a carpet steamer with water to disinfect and freshen carpets.

  • Treat fungus. Apply neat (undiluted) to feet to kill fungus and promote healing.

  • Soothe a bee sting. Apply neat (undiluted) to a bee sting to relieve pain and neutralize the toxin. Be sure to dilute with a carrier oil for children.

  • Acne spot treatment. Apply neat (undiluted) to a treat acne and promote healing. The clove and lemon oils in the Thieves blend is particularly helpful in reducing acne.

  • Treat poison ivy. Apply diluted with a carrier oil to relieve itchiness and promote healing.

  • Natural pesticide. Add a few drops of Thieves to a small spray bottle and spray on plants and flowers to repel bugs.

If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing Thieves or any other essential oils or the amazing Premium Starter Kit, please contact me!

Also, this Friday, October 17th, I am presenting  "The Essential Ladies’ Night Out," at Willow Tree! It’s a 45-minute mellow flow class, followed by a 45-minute discussion/demonstration of how to use essential oils for self-care, including beauty tips, DIY hygiene products, and home remedies for common ailments, using 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils! I can’t wait to share the oily love with you all!

Happy Oiling!


October 6, 2014

Our upcoming workshop, Essential Ladies Night Out with Jennifer Triassi combines the practice of yoga with the healing benefits of essential oils. Because so many of us may be new to the idea of using essential oils, we asked Jennifer some questions to help us understand her journey with essential oils and what to expect in this workshop.  


1.    When did you first start using essential oils and what made you want to learn more about them?


I have been dabbling in essential oils for years, mainly for the benefits of relaxation and creating some DIY bath/beauty products. Then, I began to read more about their therapeutic benefits, like helping me to sleep more soundly, getting the kiddos to sleep better, killing germs and preventing illnesses, and so on. My girls and I tend to be sensitive to fragrances and chemical ingredients in many products, so I was impressed with Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” guarantee of creating 100% pure, natural, therapeutic-grade oils. And once I tried them for myself, there was no turning back!

2.    What kind of a difference have they made in your everyday life?


I use my oils EVERY single day! Just today, I’ve already used oils to brush my teeth, moisturize my skin, condition my hair, shave, flavor my water and tea, help a cough, sooth my tummy, sanitize the kitchen counter tops, polish wood floors, help the dog’s allergies, boost everyone’s immunity, calm the baby and more. I could go on and on! 


I use them all throughout my house! It feels great to use 100% pure, natural oils, especially with the little ones! I’ve been able to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals my family is exposed to, and in doing so, I’ve also cut back on groceries, saving money and storage space! They are so versatile—-I never thought I’d be using the same thing to brighten my complexion as I do to clean my glass stove top. And that’s just one example!


3.    In what ways to essential oils play into the practice of yoga?


Many different essential oils can be used to enhance your yoga practice! Frankincense is one of the most popular and is useful for visualization, improving one’s spiritual connection and centering. It has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress. In the yoga classes I teach at Willow Tree, I use a variety of essential oils to enhance my students’ experience.

4.    What are your favorite essential oils to use?


It’s SO hard to narrow down, but right now, my faves are:


  • Peace & Calming for sleeping and easing a cough

  • Peppermint for easing digestion and keeping gnats away of my daughter’s soccer games

  • Thieves for disinfecting and boosting immunity (this blend include cinnamon and clove, and SMELLS like Thanksgiving to me—-perfect as we move into fall.)



5.    What would you recommend to someone who was interested in learning more about essential oils? Is there a book or website that has been very informative?


If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, please contact me! I can connect you with a closed Facebook group where you can learn all about how to use the oils. It is free, and includes a search function which allows you to search various topics and ask questions to other “oilers.”


If you’re more of bookworm, I recommend the Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishing and Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern.

6.     Are there any precautions for someone just getting into essential oils?


Essential oils are powerful! A little goes a long way! Seriously, for many things, 1 drop is enough. Start slow and add more if needed. 


There are variety of ways to use them, including inhaling, applying topically, diffusing and ingesting. Be sure to read the directions for any oil that you use! 


Kiddos are especially sensitive; while essential oils can greatly help kids, we typically advise either diffusing or diluting with a carrier oil for application. Just make sure to learn the specific recommendations for kids.


7.    What can we expect in your upcoming Essential Ladies’ Night Out Workshop?


This will be SO fun! I can’t wait!


Ladies, we will be taking care of ourselves starting with a nurturing candlelit yoga class, followed by a discussion of how to use various essential oils to take care of ourselves from head to toe, using 100% pure, natural, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils! You will leave with a list of uses and easy DIY recipes that will let you take the very best care of yourself!


Thanks so much, Jennifer! It sounds like this workshop is going to be absolutely amazing!


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