Live Your Passion

with Nicole Iacovoni

Have you ever felt like you’re meant to do more in the world? Do you feel a pull to break away from the norm and do something really meaningful?


So what’s keeping us from acting on what’s most meaningful to us and giving it all we’ve got? Are we holding back because we don’t think we can actually make a difference or are we afraid of failing?


There are three parts to this video that I think you’ll really appreciate:


1. How you can live with meaning and purpose and make a difference in the world without taking big risks

2. The biggest misconception about what it means to live your dreams

3. Why it’s so critically important for you to get going on living your passions right now


Live your passion EVERYDAY!

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How Women Handle Heartbreak

Willow Tree Wellness & Counseling Founder, Nicole Iacovoni, presents a 25 minute educational lecture on "How Women Handle Heartbreak", which was created for the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble's Women's Solo Performance Festival.


This lecture focuses on how women move through all types of loss, the common mistakes we make when handling loss, and how to overcome heartbreak.

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