Birds of a Feather

Posted by Jennifer Triassi, Yoga Instructor and Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor

Inspired by the geese migrating south, as well as requests for sequences that featured arm balances, here is my latest “Mini-Vini” video, titled “Birds of a Feather.”

This is where I share short yoga sequences that can be done in the comfort of your home. Sure, I’d love to see you on the mat at Willow Tree! But sometimes things just don’t work out for you to take a class. So this is another option for you! Om on. A few points to remember as you’re practicing this sequence:

  • Arm balances are challenging. They require substantial core and arm strength. Before practicing arm balances, you should have a strong vinyasa foundation, and be able to practice full chaturanga, using good form, with ease. Need to brush up on the fundamentals of chaturanga? Check out my"Mini-Vini: Safe and Healthy Half-Series."

  • Arm balances are practiced once the body is warm. Every arm balance is a hip-opener, so it’s important to move and warm the body to prepare it to get into this deeper, more challenging postures. Not sure what to practice to lead up to this sequence? Practice one, some, or all of my earlier sequences: Safe and Healthy Half Series, Wake Up, Warm Up, Step Backs to Open Hamstrings, Hip Hip Hooray.

  • Be sure to counter your work in this sequence. Take care to turn the wrists in the opposite direction, as shown. Also, since arm balances require forward flexion, balance the body by following up with some backbends, such as locust, bow, bridge or wheel.

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