Gratitude In Practice: Week 2

We are focusing on the practice of gratitude during the month of November. Each week, Nicole Iacovoni, executive clinician and founder of Willow Tree WC, will be sharing with us a valuable tip on how to live in gratitude and what that might look like on a day to day level. We hope you’ll join us each week to deepen the practice of gratitude in your own life.

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Multi-tasking isn’t doing multiple things at once. It’s rapidly shifting our attention from one thing to another, which results in missing all the details of each thing we engage in. To truly appreciate the blessings in our lives, we must focus our attention on one thing at a time and soak in our experience in that moment. To be grateful for the beautiful people in our lives, we must notice in great detail all their wonderfulness. Disconnect from electronics, make eye contact, and engage in conversation with the people you love.

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