Gratitude in Practice: Week 3

We are focusing on the practice of gratitude during the month of November. Each week, Nicole Iacovoni, executive clinician and founder of Willow Tree WC, will be sharing with us a valuable tip on how to live in gratitude and what that might look like on a day to day level. We hope you’ll join us each week to deepen the practice of gratitude in your own life.

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The Grass is Greener on YOUR side of the fence

We live in a world of opposites; in order to know happiness, we must also know sorrow.In order to know true health and well-being, we must know illness and pain. We have the power to choose whether to view the world as a cruel place or a beautiful one. Decide to live from a place of gratitude by reminding yourself how much worse your circumstances could be. Focus your attention on all that is going right in your world, rather than what’s going wrong.

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