Oil of the Week: Cinnamon Bark & Nutmeg

by Jennifer Triassi, Willow Tree yoga instructor and Young Living Essential Oils independent distributor


In celebration of Thanksgiving, we have chosen to diffuse a combination of cinnamon bark and nutmeg essential oils! Mmmmm, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Young Living Essential Oils are 100% pure, natural, therapeutic-grade oils and a great alternative to candles and air fresheners containing harsh chemicals and fragrances. In addition to their amazing scents, did you know about these other uses?

Cinnamon is promotes healthy cardiovascular and immune function, and acts as an antiseptic. It can be used to enhance your cooking, or dilute and massage into chakras to create a soothing, relaxing sensation.

Nutmeg has a sweet, warm, spicy scent that is comforting and soothing, and helps to boost energy. It also supports nervous and endocrine systems. For more information or to purchase Young Living Essential Oils, please contact: Jennifer Triassi jennifer@fitmomyoga.com

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