Cultivating a Home Yoga Practice: Week 2

Our aim this month is to help you decompress from holiday stress! Here at Willow Tree, we deeply understand what a respite your yoga mat can be and we’d like to help you get to yours as often as possible. Each week, Willow Tree WC yoga instructor, Sara Bowman, will be sharing tips, advice, and inspiration for cultivating a home yoga practice so that you can find what you need, anytime you need it!

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The beauty of having a home practice is that you can tailor it exactly to your needs for that particular day. Asking yourself a few questions can allow your intention to take shape more easily. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or un-grounded? Go slow, focus a lot of awareness in your feet or other contact points with the mat.Feeling stuck, unmotivated, or just really out of touch with your body? Try a more fluid way of moving and pay a lot of attention to the circular flow of your breath.

Find a word or two to describe your mental, physical and emotional states in that moment. Then use that information to determine what you might need to feel balanced and you’ve created your intention. You might choose which poses will support your intention or, even more simply, you can choose how you move through any sequence that you use. Your session is going to be a different experience than practicing with a teacher. You are the expert on you. Try not to get locked into any idea about what you should be doing on your mat. This is your time to do exactly what you need.

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