We'd Like to Welcome: Shawn Clavelle

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We’d like to welcome Shawn Clavelle to the Willow Tree WC team! Shawn earned her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Vermont. She is currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition working toward certification as a holistic health coach. Shawn’s vast clinical experience and knowledge of the healthcare system makes her proficient at helping others design their own treatment plan through structured goal setting and continuous evaluation of progress. Using a holistic approach with a focus on nutrition, she helps uncover the obstacles to good health and provides simple options for making better lifestyle choices.

Shawn offers Health Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching, and Personalized Meal Planning at Willow Tree WC. You can find our more about these services on our website…or Click here to get started with a FREE 30 Minute Consultation and find out how Shawn can help you on your journey towards whole body health.

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