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Occasionally, more time is needed to explore the complexities and dynamics of specialty yoga practices. That’s why we’ve developed our 6 Week Yoga Series program. This more consecutive approach will allow you to deepen into a new kind of practice while building community with like hearted yogis. Lessons will build and evolve over the six week time frame, permitting for more growth and a deeper understanding of new styles, techniques, and ideas.

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Gentle Flow

Perfect for stress relief and overall well-being, our Gentle Flow Series will focus on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. You will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, improve balance, and increase muscle tone while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a perfectly slower pace. Meditation and relaxation techniques will also be introduced.

The many benefits of this series include improved circulation, increased range of motion, and so much more. You’ll leave class feeling centered, energized and present for your day. Open to all levels of practice and abilities, this series would be perfect for injury recovery or a maturing body. $65


Prenatal Glow & Flow

Designed to both nurture and challenge your body, prenatal yoga at Willow Tree inspires trust in your birthing journey. Whether you are a brand-new or experienced yoga student, Jennifer (a yogi-mom herself) will guide you through an all-levels practice that includes movement, breath work, aromatherapy, and meditation.

You’ll benefit from much-needed relaxation, while strengthening the muscles that support your baby during pregnancy and labor. Reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom about birth, bond with your baby, and meet other moms! All levels and stages of pregnancy welcome. $65

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Hot Yoga

Warm up this winter with Hot Yoga and reap the many benefits of this popular practice!

Hot yoga helps to cleanse and detox the body. Practicing yoga in a heated room helps to prevent injury and allows for deeper muscle release. Additionally, as you practice, endorphins are released helping to reverse the negative effects of stress.

During a hot yoga class, Jennifer will lead you through various flow sequences. Sessions will begin with step-backs, moving into sun salutations, strong standing sequences, twists, backbends, hip-openers and inversions. Options will be provided for those who wish to modify or amplify their practice. Appropriate aromatherapy will be offered in each session. $80


Foundations of Flow

Build a solid beginning for your yoga journey or strengthen your knowledge of elemental basics in this comprehensive series. We will review the foundations of a vinyasa flow practice, including ujayi breath, bandhas, and alignment. Together, we will discuss and practice key poses such as Plank, Chaturanga, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog, and many others, including popular standing postures, backbends, hip-openers, and basic inversions. Additionally, you’ll learn how to avoid wrist injuries, safeguard your knees, and much more! You’ll learn not only about the poses of yoga, but also about its ideology as readings during class will highlight the foundational tenets of yoga philosophy. $65

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Kids’ Yoga

Children benefit from practicing yoga in profound ways. Our six week Kids’ Yoga Series will be all about exploring and learning in a fun, safe, and playful way! Classes during this session will focus on breath awareness, body movement, and fun; incorporating music, games, activities, and exercises to build physical strength, develop coordination, and boost self-confidence. We’re excited to offer this opportunity for kids to be themselves, be loved, and express themselves completely within a budding yoga community. $55/child ($45 each for siblings)

Pre-registration and 6 week commitment is required for any yoga series. You can call or stop in to register…or sign up online!

There are so many wonderful and exciting things coming to our yoga program in 2015! We hope these new changes fit right alongside of your favorite Willow Tree WC classes and offering! One of our most exciting changes coming is that we will start offering monthly unlimited memberships* for yoga classes starting in January 2015!

In addition to offering new classes and series next year, our regular class and package pricing will be changing slightly…so if you’re due to renew your package, you may want to do so before the end of the year.

We can’t wait to practice with you in the New Year! Here is our complete Winter Yoga Class Schedule:

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*Membership includes unlimited yoga and meditation classes and 10% off all workshops and series offered at the center. 3 month commitment required with autopay scheduled for the 1st of each month. Contract automatically renews each month unless cancelled with 30 days advance notice.


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