Cultivate a Home Yoga Practice: Week 3

Our aim this month is to help you decompress from holiday stress! Here at Willow Tree, we deeply understand what a respite your yoga mat can be and we’d like to help you get to yours as often as possible. Each week, Willow Tree WC yoga instructor, Sara Bowman, will be sharing tips, advice, and inspiration for cultivating a home yoga practice so that you can find what you need, anytime you need it!

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It’s easy to get on your mat at home if you’re excited to explore a new idea or movement. Luckily, inspiration can be everywhere if you’re looking for it. Here are a few ideas…

  • Drop your attention into your body more often during your day. How are you standing while you’re brushing your teeth? What are your shoulders doing while you’re chopping veggies for dinner? Not only will this expand your experience of yoga (union of body & mind) during your day, it will give you more information about your body and how it works, which can be a fantastic source of inspiration on the mat.

  • Read How Yoga Works by Geshe Michael Roach and Christie McNally. Hands down my favorite book about the practice in its fuller scope. Yoga is more than the postures. If the philosophy of yoga is new to you this is a great place to start. The description of pranayama is outstanding. But the best part of this book is how it will inspire you to extend the benefits of your practice to others.

  • Approach the group classes you attend with deep awareness. Sometimes it’s tempting to space out and just follow directions. Stay tuned in to how the progression feels in your body and which poses have the most benefit for you specifically.

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