Cultivating a Home Yoga Practice: Week 4

Our aim this month is to help you decompress from holiday stress! Here at Willow Tree, we deeply understand what a respite your yoga mat can be and we’d like to help you get to yours as often as possible. Each week, Willow Tree WC yoga instructor, Sara Bowman, will be sharing tips, advice, and inspiration for cultivating a home yoga practice so that you can find what you need, anytime you need it!

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Surely, commitment is one of the biggest parts of starting a home practice. The bad news is… it can take time to get comfortable being your own guide. The good news is… with commitment and patience you will remember that you are the best expert on you.

Start by giving yourself specific guidelines for practicing on your own. I’m often asked “How often and how long?” My answer is always ”Whatever you’ll actually do.” Don’t give yourself a hard time if you don’t make it and definitely don’t quit! Just use it as information to create new guidelines that work better for your life. At some point you’ll get into the pattern and your body and being will crave it and you can probably let go of the formal commitment.

The original context of yoga was spiritual development practices to train the body and mind to self observe and become aware of their own nature. It can take a little bravery to get on the mat and begin to trust your instincts about how to move but the payoff is a deeper relationship with your body and a clearer connection with your emotions and energy. When you learn to quiet and be the observer of your own mind, the benefits expand exponentially into your life.

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