Why Kids Need Yoga

by Tawnia Converse, WT Kids' Yoga instructor


The truth is that kids are naturals, especially at the physical aspects of a yoga practice. The idea of stretching your body and forming it into the shapes of animals and other nature-inspired objects makes sense to kids. Of course you would hiss in Cobra! Why not gently sway your arms like branches as you balance on one foot in Tree? And challenging yourself to try a new pose also seems to resonate with children. They jump at the chance to balance on two hands in Crowor Handstand and relish the opportunity to work with a partner to form Two Scoops of Ice Cream (Child’s Pose stacked on top of each other).


The non-competitive nature of the physical activity in a yoga class gives children permission to take a chance, to lose their balance, to fall, to get back up and to try it again and to smile broadly through the entire experience. And with these fun activities, they are building strength, increasing flexibility, developing coordination and raising body awareness.


The benefits of yoga for kids extend beyond the physical though. Imagine the concentration it takes to balance on your sits bones in Boat Pose, the cooperation needed to create a new pose with a partner and the self control required to wait for your turn to demonstrate that pose. And sprinkled among the bursts of energetic activity are opportunities to chant, to sing, to create, and to be silent, reflective and inwardly focused. In short, all the aspects that you value in your yoga practice are available to children in theirs…albeit with a great deal more noise and laughter.


Join us for our Kids’ Yoga Series starting January 10th! The series will run Saturdays from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm for 6 weeks. You can call, stop in, or sign up online!. We’d love to share our love of yoga with the amazing kids in your life!

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