Love Yourself With Healthy Habits: Week 1

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Our focus this month is encouraging your to love yourselves utterly and completely, and part of that means taking exceptional care of yourself. Each week during February, WT Health Coach Shawn Clavelle will be bringing you a simple, yet fundamental way to love yourself really deeply through healthy, nourishing habits. We hope that you take these to heart and utilize the information to take your self love to new levels.

Tip #1: Get Enough Sleep & Rest

It is a challenge with our increasingly busy schedules to get

the recommended amount of sleep. While each person differs in how much sleep they

need, 7-9 hours per night is the recommended amount for adults, and more for children.

Not getting enough sleep activates our stress response system and we produce more

stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This puts a strain on our immune system,

making us more vulnerable to illness, so skip that late night show or social media and

heal yourself faster! Rest is also crucial in staying well. Taking regular breaks at work

and having times during the day where we slow down allow our bodies to recover from

responding to constant stress. Even just a few minutes of deep breathing or five

minutes of meditation can make a big difference. If you are sick, listen to your body and

stay home to rest instead of battling it through with a cold medicine. You will get better

sooner with the added bonus of a mental break as well!

If you are struggling to stay healthy or need guidance in making a change, consider

speaking with a Health or Nutrition Coach. We offer 30-minute FREE consultations.

Health is wealth so invest in your health and be the best YOU you can be!

Quote of the week:

“Our first and last love is self-love.” -Christian Nestell Bovee

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