Love Yourself With Healthy Habits: Week 2

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Our focus this month is encouraging your to love yourselves utterly and completely, and part of that means taking exceptional care of yourself. Each week during February, WT Health Coach Shawn Clavelle will be bringing you a simple, yet fundamental way to love yourself really deeply through healthy, nourishing habits. We hope that you take these to heart and utilize the information to take your self love to new levels.

Tip #2: Be Physically Active

We all know that physical activity, or dare I say exercise, is beneficial to our

health. So why aren’t we all doing it? There is a long list of things that

keep people from moving and those include motivation, time, schedule,

family, weather, and so on. Going to the gym can be just another “have to

do” item on your list and if you’re not motivated, chances are, you won’t do


The secret to incorporating it into your routine is to find something you

enjoy. Start with thinking about what you liked to do as a child. Consider

your personality type. Are you introverted or extroverted and when do you

feel most energetic? The answer to these questions can steer you to an

activity that best suits you and that you will be more likely to stick with.

Studies show that just 30 minutes of physical activity every other day is all

that’s required to reap the benefits which can include appetite regulation,

decreased infections, blood sugar control, cancer protection, and stress

reduction. Getting in touch with your body is the key to health and breaking

a sweat is a great way to do that. Be experimental and find a routine that

you feel comfortable with. Even if it is simply getting off the bus stop a few

blocks early and walking the rest of the way or parking further away from

your office. Get creative and most importantly, don’t give up!

If you are struggling to stay healthy or need guidance in making a change,

consider speaking with a Health or Nutrition Coach. We offer 30-minute

FREE consultations. Health is wealth so invest in your health and be the

best YOU you can be!

Quote of the week:

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself,

that’s when you’re most beautiful.” -Zoe Kravitz

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