Love Yourself With Healthy Habits: Week 3

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Our focus this month is encouraging your to love yourselves utterly and completely, and part of that means taking exceptional care of yourself. Each week during February, WT Health Coach Shawn Clavelle will be bringing you a simple, yet fundamental way to love yourself really deeply through healthy, nourishing habits. We hope that you take these to heart and utilize the information to take your self love to new levels.

Tip #3: Reduce Your Sugar Intake

If you’ve ever tried cutting sugar out of your diet, you may have experienced the

withdrawals, mood swings, and cravings that come along with it. Sugar is being

demonized in the news and in current research with good reason. It has been linked to

diabetes, obesity, cancer, certain mental health disorders, and more. Studies show

sugar can be just as addictive as certain medications and some people are opting to cut

it out entirely, however, our overall intake of sugar in this country has been increasing at

an alarming rate.

The rise in consumption is in part related to the added sugars in processed foods and

soft drinks. About 33% of added sugar intake comes from soft drinks alone. This kind

of sugar is referred to as simple sugar which is rapidly digested and can cause blood

sugar spikes and mood swings. These types of sugar which include high-fructose corn

syrup, table sugar, and beet sugar can also be chemically altered and highly


Getting rid of sugar all-together is nearly impossible since sugar is in many of the whole

foods we eat as well, but I emphasize the importance of reducing sugar, not eliminating

it. Unless you have diabetes or other disease requiring you to be more strict, simply

getting rid of the processed sugar in your diet will make a big difference in the way you

feel. Getting through that first week is the hardest part so try adding protein and fiber to

meals and snacks to keep you feeling satisfied and to reduce cravings. Choose fruit or

a small piece of dark chocolate after meals or when you are craving sugar so you avoid

feeling deprived. Most importantly, listen to your body. It is always trying to achieve

balance. Cravings can be very helpful information. You may be craving food, but also

consider other things your body may be needing such as water, love, rest, or social

interaction. Cheers to good health and happiness!

If you are struggling to stay healthy or need guidance in making a change,

consider speaking with a Health or Nutrition Coach. We offer 30-minute

FREE consultations. Health is wealth so invest in your health and be the

best YOU you can be!

Quote of the week:

"Let today be the day you love yourself enough to no longer just dream of a better life; let it be the day you act upon it." -Dr. Steve Maraboli

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