Love Yourself With Health Habits: Week 4

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Our focus this month is encouraging your to love yourselves utterly and completely, and part of that means taking exceptional care of yourself. Each week during February, WT Health Coach Shawn Clavelle will be bringing you a simple, yet fundamental way to love yourself really deeply through healthy, nourishing habits. We hope that you take these to heart and utilize the information to take your self love to new levels.

Tip #4: Connecting & Laughing

Anyone else feeling rundown this time of year? Even with a healthy diet, plenty of

liquids, and physical activity, there may be other parts of the equation just as important.

I refer to them as “primary foods” and these are things that give you that drive in life.

Laughter and social connections are one category and just might be the missing link if

you are drinking your green smoothies but not feeling the full effect. Although the

definitive research for the possible health benefits of laughter has not been done yet, it

certainly isn’t hurting us.

There are some physiological changes when we laugh and some experts believe

laughing may produce some of the benefits you get from exercise. Laughter can

increase our pulse and blood pressure, make us breathe faster, and initiate a stress

relief response, which if you have been tuned into this months blogs, can also change

how your body physiologically functions. I’m not suggesting substituting your physical

activity with watching Comedy Central, but try walking with a friend and laughing about

your day instead of going it alone. Think of it as food for the soul!

Research aside, reflect on how you feel after you’ve had a good laugh. Often times

when I feel stressed, anxious, or start to obsess over something, I step back and reflect

over what it is I am worrying about. It is helpful for me to write down what the worst

possible scenario’s are and then determine if my thoughts are realistic or not. Then, I

will find something about the situation to have humor about. If someone I trust with my

feelings is around I will share my thought process with them. Laughing at ourselves, in

a good way, can be very therapeutic and decrease the seriousness of whatever it is you

are dealing with. We all have that voice in our heads that is trying to take us down so

do not underestimate the power of positive thought. Is there someone in your life that

uses humor to cope with challenges? Think about how you feel around this person.

Now, be this person, and others will feel more comfortable around you and as an added

bonus, you will likely be benefiting YOUR health as well!

Spring is almost upon us so keep up with your healthy habits and continue on your own

unique path to becoming the person you dream about being. Anything is possible with

wellness as your foundation!

If you are struggling to stay healthy or need guidance in making a change, consider

speaking with a Health or Nutrition Coach. We offer 30-minute FREE consultations.

Health is wealth so invest in your health and be the best YOU you can be!

Quote of the week:

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the

standard for how others will treat you.” - Dr. Steve Maraboli

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