Some FAQs About Adult Ballet


The start of our new Adult Ballet class here at WTWC is quickly approaching. We’ve been so happy to see the excitement around this new offering and can’t wait to see you in class! To help you decide if Adult Ballet is right for you and how best to prepare, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions and instructor Maegan Beishline has answered them here for you. If you still have questions or would like more information, you can email us or get in touch with us on Facebook!

1. What should I wear to class?

Wear something comfortable that you can move easily in. I would refrain from super baggy pants, as your foot could potentially get caught in them. I have been wearing standard yoga gear when I practice (yoga pants and a t-shirt).

2. Do I need ballet shoes?

You definitely don’t need ballet shoes…although if you have your heart set on getting a pair, I say go for it! You may practice barefoot or in socks. I prefer to wear athletic socks as they seem to be less slippery than others and I still have a little cushioning for the bottom of my feet.

3. I can’t make the preview class. Will you be having another one?

Unfortunately the preview class is just that…a preview. But the class will be part of our regular class schedule and will be held Saturdays at 11:15am. The drop in cost for this class is $13, but we offer class packages and monthly memberships as well.

4. I’ve never taken dance before. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! The class is designed for beginners as well as more experienced dancers. I will be offering modifications and instruction to help all levels have a good experience and get the most out of the class.

5. Can I use my class package or my unlimited yoga membership towards ballet class?

Yes! Adult Ballet will be treated as any of our other scheduled classes. You may use your 10-class package or unlimited yoga membership towards ballet with no extra surcharge.

The first class of this new offering at WTWC is FREE! There are just a couple of spaces available in this first preview class. You can pre-register online to secure your space!

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