Spring Health Boot Camp

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Get Swimsuit Ready with the Help of WTWC Health Coach Shawn Clavelle!

Shape up for spring and learn strategies for long term overall health. Each Tuesday in May from 5:30-6:30pm at WTWC, Shawn will give information and helpful guidance on how to lose weight healthfully and cultivate a health centered lifestyle.

May 5: Why We Eat: We eat for many reasons. Many more than simply providing our

bodies with energy. The good news is that your success does not need to rely on

willpower or deprivation. Our bodies are designed to store fat, especially when

responding to stress. Thousands of years ago our survival depended on it. Find out

what happens on a cellular level when we eat and explore the many reasons we use

food to avoid pain.

May 12: Craving Deconstruction: Cravings are not the problem. They are the solution to

identifying the reasons behind unhealthy behaviors and unlocking them. Discover the

difference between what a stress craving feels like versus an actual hunger craving.

Our bodies are the best tool we have and if listened to, can act as a GPS for making

healthier choices, if treated with respect and kindness.

May 19: Sugar Blues: Refined foods, added sugars, and processed “food products” do not

support our physical or mental health. They make us gain weight, feel lethargic, and

leave us constantly hungry. Unfortunately, we become addicted to such foods

because of the sugar and chemicals they contain and only crave them more. Learn

how to incorporate a whole foods diet and lose weight, increase energy, and improve

overall life satisfaction.

May 26: Superfoods to Boost: Gain insight on how the chronic lack of micro-nutrients is

fueling the obesity and diabetes epidemic. Losing weight is a process of healing your

body. Learn about several common superfoods that can give this process a boost.

Taste a delicious green smoothie, get recipes, and feel the difference!

$15/class or $55 for the 4-week series. You can pre-register online!

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