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Moon Days Yoga Workshop

Our Moon Days Yoga Workshop is coming up on Friday, April 17th. We couldn't resist the oppotunity to ask instructor Jennifer Triassi some juicy questions about feminity, tuning into our cycles, and honoring our bodies. Her answers are insightful and inspiring... enjoy!

1. Why do you think that our culture has come to detest our monthly “curse” rather than embrace it as part of our femininity?

Today’s women live in a fast-paced world, one that flies by even faster than our foremothers experienced. Many women juggle careers, family demands, multiple extra-curricular activities, and more!

Too often, we rush from here to there, checking things off our list, at the expense of our sanity. Anything that gets in the way of the “Almighty To-Do List” can be bothersome. And the few days before and during menstruation are no exception. On top of our very-full plates, we are now dealing with some not-no-nice symptoms like headaches, cramps, and mood swings…..and still trying to get everything done! We continue to push when our bodies are telling us to pause. This can leave us feeling out of balance, physically and emotionally.

2. Why is it important for women to get back in touch with their monthly cycles? How can our cycles lead us to be more caring and nurturing towards ourselves?

Tuning in and truly caring for ourselves is critically important for overall health and well-being. Menstruation is nature’s way of signaling us to slow down, take some time off (or cut back from your regular demands), and check-in with your deepest emotions and desires. Taking this time to honor your individual needs...in body, mind and spirit...can have a profound effect. Think of it as a monthly opportunity for a little R&R, already built-in to your schedule.

Bri Maya Tiwari, an Ayurvedic healer, advises women to pamper themselves on the first full day of their period……for instance, no work, no worries, no cooking….to improve their reproductive health.

3. Why should women be more quiet, introspective, and gentle with ourselves during menstruation?

Just as the moon waxes and wanes, and as the tides ebb and flow, your body moves through stages of its cycle, from ovulation to menstruation, from a feeling of lightness to a dark, moody time, from creativity to reflection.

According to Joan Borysenko, author of A Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Physiology, and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle, menstruation is a time of “emotional housecleaning.”

It is our natural opportunity to slow down and turn inward, becoming more in tune with our deepest emotions. As we reflect on our feelings, we become aware of our deepest desires and can confront what’s bothering us and release it, leading to overall health for mind, body and spirit.

4. How can yoga play a role in how we nurture ourselves during all phases of our cycles?

Yoga can help regulate your monthly cycle keeping you feeling more physically and emotionally balanced. Physically, the postures and breathing techniques relax your nervous system and balance your endocrine system. Psychologically, yoga works to ease stress and promote relaxation, so the hypothalamus can regulate your hormones more efficiently.

Yoga offers the time, and the permission, to go inside, to really listen to your body and respond to what you hear.

5. How will this workshop help us to better serve our bodies through our cycle

Perhaps you are someone who typically prefers a more dynamic yoga practice, but may not feel quite up to it during this time. In this workshop, we will begin with a flow practice which is more cooling in nature, and designed to support the specials needs of the body and spirit. Then we will move into some longer holds focused on opening the side body and hips, followed by restorative postures using blankets and bolsters, allowing for deep relaxation! Throughout the workshop, Jennifer will discuss and share various essential oils that can be used throughout your monthly cycles.

If you'd like to join Jennifer for her Moon Days Yoga Workshop on Friday, April 17th, you can register here.

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