Letting Go

Letting go. I think this may be one of the hardest concepts for most of us to grasp. I know for me personally, I am a meticulous planner. I have a plan for my plan and a backup plan for that plan. It seems that the more I try to hold on and control things around me, the more chaos I seem to create. This is obviously the exact opposite effect I am trying to achieve. Then when things do not go the way I had planned, I tend to ask myself, “Why is this happening?”. Well, that kind of thinking usually doesn’t accomplish much and only leaves me feeling like a victim in the life that only I have created. I have learned that we must release the idea of the life we think we want to be ready for the life we are supposed to have.

A good way to relinquish the white knuckle grip we have on our lives is to practice mantras. A mantra can be anything that is soothing to you. Some things I like to say to myself are, “All is well”, “You are well”, “You are exactly where you need to be,” or “It is supposed to be this way for a reason.” I find doing this with my eyes closed and holding a mala to be very calming and comforting. Part of needing to be in control is when shit hits the fan we immediately jump into action because it is our desire to fix whatever the problem is. But sometimes it is best to just sit in stillness and allow the answers to come to you. Once we calm down and are able think rationally, we can try to listen to what the universe is saying to us. I believe that the universe has a path for us all, even though this completely goes against my controlling nature. I think that we are all on a set path; a destiny if you will, and when we veer from that path, things start to go badly for us. Like putting a square peg in a round hole; it just doesn’t work. Only when we are on the right path will things become clear and smooth. Now, I am not saying to just sit back, relax and not do anything and all of your blessings will come to you. We still have to work for these things but just not as hard as we have been.

Overall, it is important to embrace everything, the good and the bad times, because it is usually the bad times that we learn the most about ourselves. Hopefully finding a mantra that works for you will help through these times when it seems like the world is caving in around you. It can be scary letting go at first, but eventually, when you fully embrace it, you will find a sense of calm surround you, and all will be well.


Lindsey McNamara is a traditionally Hatha based yoga teacher who strives to share the simple beauty of yoga with her students in a way that allows them to achieve greater awareness, gratitude, mindfulness, and balance. She believes that we each have the power to heal ourselves and become our best selves through the practice of yoga and is passionate about guiding students through the process of self growth utilizing yoga and mediation practices.

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