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About Willow Tree

Since 2012, we've been providing integrative, holistic mental health care to adult clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our goal has always been to meet clients where they're at and help them lead the lives they envision. 

Mental health care isn’t a one size fits all. We provide personalized care to all our clients and fully consider your unique personality, circumstances, challenges, strengths, and goals when working with you. Treatment is always curtailed to meet your individual needs. 

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Our Vision

We believe EVERYONE can benefit from mental health care, and we imagine a world where caring for your mental health is as common as going to the gym or grabbing a cup of coffee from the drive-thru.

You're busy- we get it! With our online mental health services, even busy professionals can conveniently access mental health care. No driving required!

We believe treatment should also be affordable, which is why we accept most major health insurance plans. 

You can be yourself here. Come as you are.

We Specialize In...



Relationship Issues

Life Transitions

Grief & Loss

Attention Deficit Disorder

Mood Disorders


Stress Management

Why Choose Willow Tree?

Unlike other online mental health providers, we don't charge you an ongoing monthly fee to access treatment. You only pay for the services you receive. 

We also accept most major Pennsylvania-based insurance plans, which makes care more affordable for you. 

Other online providers assign clients to therapists at random. Not us. We carefully match you with a therapist who has skills and expertise related to your specific concerns. 

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