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Welcome to Our Blog

Life doesn’t come with a manual…but we’re here to help make sense of it all. 

Could you use a dose of inspiration? Looking for some advice to get you through the day?

Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and binge on our blog! It serves up advice, inspiration, and helpful tips for living your best life. 

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Why Everyone Needs a Therapist

In the ten years I’ve worked in private practice, I’ve had many clients sit down across from me for the first time and say, “I can’t...

Is Vegan Healthy?

We all know that person who is a fanatic about what they eat. A little too fanatical. Irritatingly fanatical. I used to be that person....

A New Way to Understand Depression

Depression seems to have become an epidemic. Nearly 15 million Americans are diagnosed with depression each year, and one in seven of...

How to Cope with Negative People

Have you ever encountered someone who is chronically negative? Negative people will often complain about their circumstances, blame...

Does Your Money Have a Job?

I used to be all willy nilly with my money. If there was five dollars in my wallet, I’d find a way to spend it…on anything. I impulse...

Do you have REASONS or RESULTS?

About six months ago, I started running regularly. Why? Because I was ten pounds overweight, lethargic, and addicted to carbs, wine, and...

Food For Thought: Boost Mood With Food!

It seems as if everyone today is suffering from some degree of anxiety or depression. Our lives are busier than ever with increasingly...

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