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Shawn Clavelle, BSN, MSW


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Shawn Clavelle earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from Walden University. Her whole-body approach to mental wellness has evolved from her work as a Certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and former nurse.

As a Certified Trauma Professional, Shawn provides education and guidance in healing from trauma through nervous system regulation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and post-traumatic growth. She accompanies clients on their healing journey
of learning how to tolerate and process challenging emotions, understanding trauma symptoms as a correct adaptation in the body, and developing coping skills to navigate these adaptations.

In addition to treating trauma, Shawn is committed to helping clients improve
self-care practices, develop effective communication skills, implement boundaries, and cope more effectively with stress. Her diverse professional experience, unique coaching style, and ability to authentically connect with clients enhances her clinical practice and support successful client outcomes and satisfaction.

Shawn loves yoga, being outdoors, and reading for pleasure. 

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